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The first time our member saw Ruby in the animal shelter, she was in great health, so unlike other dogs and so the volunteer let her stay outside with a leash on.
She was very energetic and liked those who walked past her. Everyone who saw her played with her for a while. She responded to people’s friendliness with enthusiasm. But no-one of them took her home.
Yet she remains cuddly and is always full of beans. Even though she is not a pedigree dog, her black and white fur patches resembles a Border Collie.
Many look at her feet and decide not to take her home due to a foolish and superstitious belief. Some people in Taiwan believe that an animal with white feet will bring its master bad luck, a believe being related to the ancient Taiwanese wearing white ceremonial socks for ancestor worship.
It took our member a while to decide which dog she wanted to take home. But just when she was standing in front of the shelter, Ruby came up to her and greeted her with a wagging tail and eager eyes. So she thought it must be her! It just happened like that. Our member took her home because something did click and she just couldn't let go of Ruby. Another reason why she took her home was that she was afraid her white feet would be a stigma and it would diminish her chances of being adopted by many islanders who believed in superstition.
After being with Ruby for several months, our member found that she was not just a vigorous and understanding dog, she was also the best companion one could find. Ruby is a great pet and she enjoys company. She liked to be patted and talked to. Being a natural optimist, she is fun to be with and she is always high spirited. As long as she’s got someone by her side, she is happy and is more than willing to return the favors by making you happy.
Ruby gets along well with other dogs. She doesn’t bark and fight with them. She is so mild and not a shred of hostility can be found in her. Just spend some time with her and you’ll know that she is a quite a social animal. She makes new friends everyday and loves people very much.
She likes to go outside. When she is out having fun, she becomes excited as she loves to explore the world around her.  It’s sometimes hard to discipline her and make her walk properly if she gets too wildly excited about the world around her. But not to worry, she is a good listener and won’t be a hassle. She seldom barks. She barked a few times while staying at the shelter, but never again after our member took her home.
She has been neutered and vaccinated and is now in perfect health condition. We hope we can find a good home with a big yard so she can run around all day and play to her heart’s content.

Please consider if you can offer a good home to Ruby.