A-Bu / Nydia / Una / Nina
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A-Bu, Nydia, Una and Nina and five more siblings were found on an abandoned factory ground sleeping in between rubbish and even broken glass. They were using and old cloth to comfort them, which was seemingly given to them a long time ago, most likely by the person abandoning them. As people were disposing their garbage on the factory ground, the dogs had occasionally found something to eat, but with only few scraps of bones in almost empty lunchboxes, this was not enough and they were severely underfed and of course filthy and infested with bugs.
While two of the siblings were sleeping the whole time and probably at the brink of not waking up again, the others were just barely able to move around still. We also found they still wore an old collar which was now so tight it was almost choking them and causing so much pain to them to make them lie still almost all day, because nobody readjusted the collar when the puppies were growing.
When we brought the frightened puppies to the vet, he diagnosed 5 of them to have severe underweight and very weak condition. Unfortunately these 5 siblings died and all we could do is to comfort them and give them the feeling somebody finally cared for them. Luckily, A-Bu, Nydia, Una and Nina were in much better shape and only needed good treatment and nutrition to recover. We would be happy if they can finally have a good life after fighting so bravely against neglect and starvation, which had claimed the lives of their siblings.

Please note: The dogs are now totally healthy and free of parasites.