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When we found Billy, he was hardly able to walk. He dragged himself around a bit with his fore legs, because both his hind legs were fractured. It was most likely that Billy had been in an accident with a car or motorcycle. People will just drive away after they were hitting a dog and will leave the dog helplessly behind. Indeed a neighbour later confirmed Billy had been crushed by a motor cycle near her home. With Taiwan’s many street dogs, most people will not bother helping an injured stray dog and so Billy was helpless and in pain at the roadside until our member came by.

The vet examined the fractured legs and found one leg had a complicated fracture with the bone being in three parts. But the doctor could fix the bone during many month of treatment. Finally Billy has totally recovered and can run and jump again just like any other dog. Only if people examine him very, very closely, they probably can see he is sometimes not using one leg as much as the others. Just like many humans having had fractures he occasionally experiences some discomfort where the bone had been broken many times; people often say their leg or arm is weather-sensitive and that is just what Billy has. Just as a person with a formally fractured leg can play football and climb over fences again, Billy can run very fast and jump happily chasing a ball.

For one year Billy is already waiting for a new adopter and has been at many places where former street dogs are shown by their foster “parents”. However, being a mixed dog, Billy has experienced again and again nobody wants him and so recently he was not as happily playing around on the expositions as he did before, but rather sitting sadly in a corner.

Please help to give Billy a loving and caring home, where he can feel being a part of a family, a comfort he was missing for a long time.