Maya and DoLi
about me

When one of our members did a trip to the seaside and enjoying a relaxing day in the sun, she noticed a motorist with a dog sitting between his legs stopping near the beach. In Taiwan it is nothing unusual to have a dog sitting in the footrest area in the middle of the scooter, so she thought nothing of it. The motorist unloaded a box and placed it on the road and then tied the dog to a pole at the roadside. The motorist stared to get on his bike and the dog obviously knew what was coming and started to jerk at her lead to get to him. “Oh no”, our member thought, “another abandonment?” But the road was far away and so the motorist was long gone with his scooter, when our member finally got there. The dogs and the box stayed behind. She saw a black skinny dog with large patches of fur missing, which was tied to the pole and looked scared and sick. From the box close to it she only heard a bit of whimpering and when she approached it, a white puppy of about 3 month was sitting in there. Also the puppy was skinny and unhealthy.

The black dog, which was later called DoLi, was starting to shake her tail, when our member spoke to her. Today, Maya – as the small dog was called - and DoLi, who had been abandoned so cruelly, have been cured and nourished back to strength. Both are lovable dogs who are seeking for a good home.