about me

On Feb. 11, when it was pretty cold in Taiwan, we found Weber. We were eating in a restaurant when we noticed a sad looking dog sitting in the corner, which wore quite expensive dog clothing, which some people put on dogs against cold weather. However, the clothing was old and dirty, as it obviously had not been washed a long time. He did not come to the tables to bother customers, but waited silently until somebody threw some food to him, even though he was very thin with protruding ribs.
We were wondering, why a dog in a restaurant does not get well fed, but the restaurant owner told us the dog would not belong to him, it would just sit there the second day already and he would have to kick it out eventually, as some customers felt bothered by a dog in a restaurant. We took the dog and brought it to a vet who found the dog must have been on its own for quite some time because it had the usual parasites stray dogs get. To our surprise it really had a Microchip container its owners contact data, so we believed this might really be a runaway dog and not one of Taiwan’s many stray dogs.
But when we called the owner, we only got a nasty response, he said he would not have any dog and nor had in the past and hang up the phone on us. Finally he did not even pick up the phone anymore.
Finally we decided to go to the address contained on the chip and brought Weber along. Even in the car we noticed the dog knew the area and the previously sad dog suddenly became very happy and shook his tail. When we opened the car’s door, Weber jumped out and found the way to his owner’s front porch by himself. However, when we rang the doorbell and tried to phone again, nobody answered, although we believed we saw someone behind the window. After a while Weber started to howl sadly and scratched on the front door with his foot and then just lied down on the doorstep. We finally called him and he trotted back to our car. He finally understood he was not wanted anymore at his home.
Even if we could force the owner to take Weber back, we do not want to do that, because Weber’s owner might finally poison him to get finally rid of him and avoid being identified again.
Weber is now completely cured and free of all bugs and parasites and totally healthy. He is a rather old dog with his 10 years of age, but is very vital and can outrun many younger dogs. He likes hiking a lot and has otherwise a quiet and stable personality. Weber was once a loved family dog, as we saw by his good clothing and the fact he had a Microchip, but later seemingly got inconvenient to his owner – often less time or simply not wanting to care anymore for the dog are the reasons for that.
Please help to find a home for Weber where he is accepted as a family member and feels loved again. His new owner and Weber can still have half a decade of companionship together, please give him this chance.